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Het laatste gesprek - Last Conversation

Feature film, 2008, 75 min.

A woman drives in her car, wearing a grave look on her face. In the background, we hear the sounds of the freeway. The camera often captures her face, but occasionally we look at her from behind. Hypnotising lines on the road whiz by. Just like trees and other elements surrounding the road.
Some short telephone conversations alternate with long silences. Meanwhile, the spectator travels along with the woman for many miles. Next, her phone rings for the third time. It turns out to be her lover. Gradually, the nature of the conversation becomes clear. It is their final, but intense and extensive talk. One time, the tone is very impersonal, another time defiant or even particularly emotional. More and more becomes clear about the two characters and their past relationship.
Actress Johanna ter Steege played her role in one take, without any crew members around. She drove around in a car with twenty-five cameras on board. Director Noud Heerkens edited the footage into a real time version that lasts just as long as the drive lasted.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

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