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What You Expect from the World Behind You or/of verwar de

Documentary film, 2003, 150 min.

The two sisters Manon and Madou Engels are on holiday in Tuscany. But they are not solely there for pleasure; they are looking for something. For their background, the meaning of life, perhaps a big story. This is the leitmotif for Van Dam's visual observations of `the natural situation', as he describes it in his film. Wet roads below overcast skies in the photogenic Tuscany region: furrowed faces of Italian men jointly digging a hole; a playing village orchestra; a boy listening to his grandpa playing the piano. But the film also contains interviews: with an elderly woman about Berlusconi's politics and with a man who tells the story of how as a young man he was kissed on the mouth by Mrs. Tarkovski - in the now dilapidated house where the great director supposedly once lived. Meanwhile, the two sisters walk, boat, swim and listen; slowly, their search glides on, without the answers to the unasked questions seeming to come nearer. Or have they always been there?



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