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Ondertussen in Nederland - De match

Short documentary, 2008, 52 min.

In 2002, the Zeeland village of Sint Philipsland was shocked by the murder of an old woman, who was killed in her house. Detectives opted for a new, controversial mode of investigation: DNA research. Eighty boys and men were asked to submit samples of their saliva. This eventually produced a culprit. The investigated men introduced in this film were left with mixed feelings. One by one, filmmaker Kees Hin calls them into the interrogation room again to talk about the DNA investigation. One appeared to be 'very level-headed', while the other suddenly started doubting his innocence: 'Could I have done it in a fit of insanity?' Sometimes there are long silences, but Hin never interrupts them. The homicide itself is tersely announced in a news item. Scenes with the men are interspersed with footage of the panoramic, Zeeland landscape. Sometimes in split screen, occasionally accompanied by unreal sounds. The stories reveal a great deal about the investigation, but also show how close-knit a community like this still is today.






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