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Feature film, 1994, 60 min.

Feature film about a women whose life was dominated by uncertainties and who died young. The film tells of her life via reminiscences of the three people who knew her best. The memories are coloured and comprise brief fragments. With a degree of tenderness, the three think back on the young woman who is no longer there. In their minds, they remember the minor incidents that characterise her and the moments that may have been decisive in her life and the uncertainties that plagued her. In the more objective, reconstructed reminiscences, the three people see themselves in the third person. The viewer also gets to know the dead girl via subjective reminiscences in which the others are the first person. On the sound track, the voices of the characters accompany their pictures of the dead woman.






Cinematographer - DoP


Production designer

Cast (5)

Location sound recordist

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