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Het mysterie van de sardine

Feature film, 2005, 104 min.

Psychological drama that took filmmaker Van Zuylen fifteen years to complete is an adaptation of a novel by Polish-English writer and poet Stefan Themerson. Victor Löw plays Tim Boerhave, a lecturer in philosophy, who loses both legs in a bomb attack. The only thing he remembers is a dog with a sardine tin on his collar, jumping up against the kitchen door. Both the culprit and the motive remain obscure. After the assault, Boerhave leaves for an island with his wife and daughter. In a hotel room, he uses a card index to ferret out what happened, who did it and why. His wife looks for answers, too, discovering a painting that depicts the attack. When Tim finally leaves the room, he meets not only his ex-wife, but also a mysterious widow, the mother of a sickly boy that his daughter hangs around with. While the puzzling philosopher loses sight of reality and starts seeing everyone around him as potential perpetrators - the whodunit shifts to a film about relationships and the meaning of life.






Cinematographer - DoP


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