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Feature film, 1999, 119 min.

This children's film is an adaptation of the novel by ex-schoolteacher Chris van Abcoude from 1922 who also wrote Pietje Bell. The story is set in Rotterdam in 1921. Crumble is a ten-year-old urchin with no parents. His guardian, Miss Koster, wants to be rid of him and keeps sending him out to earn money. In the cold of December, Crumble wanders the streets alone and dreams of a father in America. With his friend Keesie, he causes mischief and is repeatedly picked up by the police. When Miss Koster has an accident and is suddenly on her deathbed, Crumble is given a medallion with portraits of his parents. Wilkes, a grocer who takes an interest in the boy's fate, recognises his childhood best friend in the photo. With more than a million tickets sold, Crumble was one of the most successful Dutch films of recent years.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (3)





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