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In Birma

Short documentary, 2008, 54 min.

In September 2007, Buddhist monks in Burma rose up against the junta. The peaceful protests were brutally crushed and the country was closed to the press. Fascinated by the monks and their resistance, filmmaker Karin Junger and camerawoman Birgit Hillenius traverse this country 'that doesn't want to be filmed.' Officially, monks are not allowed to speak out on political issues, but now they consider it their moral duty. 'We feel the urge to testify to what is really happening', Sayadaw U Kovida comments from New York. He had to flee his native country because he refused to accept food from a soldier. By refusing gifts, Buddhist monks demonstrate they reject the regime. This causes a dilemma for the junta. The monks are held in high regard, which makes it hard to openly punish them. They are punished nonetheless. They are captured, forced to work or killed. This makes the Burmese that talk to Junger and do have the courage to express criticism all the more impressive.




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