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De nieuwe Lola's - Julie & Herman

Series, 2003, 51 min.

Episode from De nieuwe Lola's, a series of TV dramas made by rising talented filmmakers. Kate Brown's début film tells the story of the fifteen-year-old adolescent Julie. Julie prefers talking to her best friend about boys and sex to wasting her time on a history lesson about World War II. Her attitude greatly annoys her history teacher Mr. Van der Putten, a surly, strict and cynical man who can't stand his `dimmest' pupil Julie and seizes every opportunity to embarass her in class. One day, the pestering gets out of hand to such a degree that Julie has had it up to here. Bent on revenge, she follws Van der Putten home. At night, she spies on him in his house and makes a bizarre discovery, causing her to become intrigued more and more by this single man. She turns him into the victim of a provocative and intimidating game that has far-reaching consequences.





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