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Feature film, 2018, 94 min.

RELEASE DATES 5 APRIL 2018 (NETHERLANDS). ‘Listen, kid. She isn’t worth it. She won’t stay on the straight and narrow. They’ll find her dead by the road one day. After she gets herself another one like you.’ · ‘It’s my mother you’re talking about.’

Cobain wanders alone through the streets in search of his mother. On the way he meets old acquaintances, staff from the child protection service and the methadone distribution centre. He is torn between the prospect of a new life in a foster family, a home and a sense of security, and his fears for his mother – who everyone else has abandoned. In his acting debut, Bas Keizer masterfully expresses the tenderness and anger, anxiety and longing felt by Cobain. Quietly radical, with desaturated colours underscored by sparse guitar riffs, Nanouk Leopold's film captivates the viewer in a tale of a modern hero who is forced to grow up much too young.

won prizes

  • DE - Berlin International Film Festival Generation selection
  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)

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