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No Trains No Planes

Feature film, 1999, 103 min.

Tragicomic feature covers one day in the life of the loser Gerard. He is planning to spend his last day in Café Centraal, because he has decided to end his life. As the day passes, we get to know the regulars: landlord Joop who keeps a close eye on his teenage daughter Rietje; the local femme fatale Paula with whom Gerard would like to do it just one more time; the 'intellectual' Jacques; the half-blind dog-lover Benny and a washed-out couple. When Gerard announces that he is leaving for Italy for good, that scarcely makes any impression. And when Paula also takes an interest in the German crook Klaus, Gerard resorts to his last chance: his brother, the famous singer Mario Russo. When Mario Russo appears, Gerard finally loses control of his last day. No Trains No Planes is inspired by the book Broederweelde by Jean Paul Franssens, whose De wisselwachter was also filmed by Jos Stelling.





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