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Zus & Zo

Feature film, 2002, 106 min.

For this comic feature film, the director was inspired by Chekhov's play Three Sisters. Zus & Zo - largely played by actors from De Trust theatre group - deals with three sisters in their thirties and their younger brother Nino. When the sisters learn that their brother is planning to get married, they are dumbfounded because for all they know Nino is gay. Panic breaks out. If Nino gets married, he will inherit the family hotel Paraiso in sunny Portugal and their individual dreams will be thwarted. Wanda wants to open up an art gallery there, Sonja hopes for a better life with her adulterous husband and Michelle sees the residence as an escape from her hectic life as a charity worker. The film follows the three selfish sisters, vainly throwing anything into the fray to prevent the wedding. During the festive preparations in Portugal, they clutch at their last straw: the future bride must hear the truth. Jacob Derwig was awarded a Golden Calf for best actor.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf
  • US - Oscar nomination





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