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Ruta del Jaca

Feature film, 2009, 72 min.

The American Matt Lorenz travels to Peru to find out how his parents met their end twenty years ago. Local authorities claim they were killed by terrorists when climbing a mountain. The letters that Matt's mother wrote to her sister offer the young American clues as to what really happened. She suffered from cancer and during her stay in Peru visited various shamans and alternative healers. She also had contact with a young singer, Sonia Morales, who is now a national hero in Peru, performing all over the country. Via this artist, Matt wants to unearth the truth, but it is not that easy.
His quest takes him all across Peru and bit by bit he gets nearer the disconcerting truth. Meanwhile, he experiences the magic of the country where special powers are ascribed to guinea pigs and everything works differently than what he is used to. He undergoes his experiences with the unknown and rich culture with abandon. Kris Kristinsson's feature film debut combines fiction and documentary.

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