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Feature film, 2012, 119 min.

Lena (17) is a timid girl yearning for love. She feels ugly and only attracts boy who want sex. In fact, she is at her happiest when she is line dancing. Dancing, she briefly forgets the world around her. Then, she meets the popular guy Daan, a sweet boy that only pretty girls can dream of. But Daan is not ashamed of Lena and does not care what others think of her. When he offers Lena to move in with him and his father, she gladly accepts. She leaves the oppressive world with her demanding, deprecative mother behind to create a new family. But when she finds out Daan does not always speak the truth, a determination emerges inside her that she did not even know she had. Whatever the cost, she wants to retain her paradise.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)

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