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A Life in Suitcases, a History of Tulse Luper

Feature film, 2005, 120 min.

A Life in Suitcases is part of a large-scale multimedia project by director Peter Greenaway, called The Tulse Luper Suitcases. Previously, long versions were released of the three episodes that this film comprises. Tulse Luper is a (fictitious) person, born in 1911 and disappeared in 1989, who is played by two different actors in the film - sometimes simultaneously. Availing himself of an international cast and crew, Greenaway constructed a complicated story, incorporating Luper's 92 suitcases containing collections (photographs, love letters, Vatican pornography), and mirrored it to the history of uranium (with atomic number 92). Narrators, in voice-over or on-screen, relate Luper's trials and tribulations like some sort of teachers. Suspected of espionage, Luper repeatedly ends up in jail (where he is faced with people like warder Jack Wouterse). Greenaway mixes and juxtaposes images, repeats shots from different perspectives, in colour and black-and-white or both, incorporating written texts, photographs and computer animation.




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