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Feature film, 2010, 85 min.

Flemish Ivan works at an investment bank at the Amsterdam Zuidas. He proves to be a gifted trader and through a series of brilliant investments he quickly works himself up from junior to senior. He changes from a grey mouse into a man of distinction, gets a ritzy apartment and attracts the beautiful receptionist's attention. But while he keeps winning on the floor, he seems to lose himself. During sleepless nights he wanders across town, in search of the soul he apparently sold. A tragic event puts his life on another track. When someone wins, someone else always loses, but nobody wants to know.
Win/win alternates the frenzy of the trading floor awash with obscure terminology with the quiet of the superstylised apartment full of futuristic gadgets and Ivan's restless quest across nocturnal Amsterdam. This tv film is the feature debut of director Van Heusden and the film debut of actor Oscar Van Rompay.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)

other prizes

  • US - Brooklyn International Film Festival
  • EU - Prix Europa
  • DE - Mannheim-Heidelberg International Filmfestival

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