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'n Beetje Verliefd - Happy Family

Feature film, 2006, 82 min.

Romantic comedy, introducing an elderly tomato grower who is put on the amorous path by his half-Moroccan grandson, also broaches subjects like integration, sex among aged people and the couch potato generation. Instructed by his grandson Omar (rapper Yes-R), the timid gardener Thijs (Ad van Kempen) courts the joyous Belgian woman Jacky (Geert de Jong) - much to the displeasure of his two daughters (Plien van Bennekom and Tjitske Reidinga). But grandpa and grandson are undaunted, especially when the former learns that the latter is in love with a Turkish girl and has to prove himself to her brother in an olive oil wrestling bout. To the sounds of the instrumental arranged version of André Hazes' hit song Een beetje verliefd, the new loves develop, as well as the family relations, during which lots of very Dutch greenhouse tomatoes are thrown about.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)







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