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Enneagram - Dwaalgast

Series, 2003, 50 min.

The age-old enneagon is a circle enclosing a nine-pointed figure. The theory is that the points represent different types of personality, of which every man possesses one basic type that will never change. In each episode of the nine-part TV series Enneagram, a different archetype is treated. In the psychological thriller Dwaalgast, Monique Hendricks plays psychologist Hester, the perfectionist. When her boyfriend has left after a quarrel, she finds the runaway teenager Puck in the shed. Out of pity, she takes the whimsical but charming girl into the house in order to add some structure to Puck's life. Puck makes herself completely familiar with the house. Until Hester asks her to participate in a scientific research, which evokes recurring images in Puck's head of chaotic and traumatic events in her life. Gradually, Hester realises that she has taken the wrong path, for which she will eventually pay a high price.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf






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