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Olivetti 82

Feature film, 2001, 88 min.

Psychological drama based on the novel by Eric Verpaele. The writer Bernard van der Wiele is interrogated at a police station because he is suspected of murder. He is fumbling for words, until one of the detectives brings him an Olivetti 82 typewriter. On this machine, Bernard recapitulates his eventful life. Flashbacks show how his pregnant mother is abandoned by a Jewish-Canadian soldier in 1945. A mishap that she blames on her child, Bernard. When she is later making a living as a housekeeper for the local doctor, Bernard picks his little sister Claudia up from school and tells her stories. Due to a tragic incident involving Claudia, the gap between Bernard and his mother is widened even further and he starts a search for his Jewish identity. Later in his life, the accident will even have terrible consequences. Olivetti 82 is the feature film debut of director Rudi van den Bossche.






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