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De nieuwe Lola's - Du

Series, 2003, 50 min.

Episode from De nieuwe Lola's, a series of TV dramas made by rising talented filmmakers. This drily humorous road movie demonstrates that different people do not always share the same view of reality. Werner, an overstrained German sergeant with suicidal tendencies, crosses the East-Groningen region on his motorcycle and sidecar. On his way to the sea, his conscience compels him to take along the handicapped hitchhiker Ferdi. Soon, they are pursued by the police and two nurses from an institution. It turns out that Ferdi is a fugitive and highly dangerous mental patient. During the ride, Ferdi and Werner get to know each other. Werner sees everything in black-and-white terms: one can either succeed or fail in life, and recently he belongs to the latter category. Ferdi suffers from nihilistic delusions and literally fails to see certain parts of the truth - like his legs. While their pursuers are approaching, the end is almost in sight for the two men.





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