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Hunting & Zn. - Hunting & Sons

Feature film, 2010, 93 min.

Thirty-somethings Tako and Sandra have moved from the city to a village, where Tako started working in the family business, a bicycle shop. Meanwhile, Sandra works at the local temping agency. The married couple have snugly furnished their little house with IKEA furniture and smoothly settled down in their new environment. Their relationship also quietly progresses. They seem happy with their life and each other, but when Sandra gets pregnant, their relationship begins to crack.
For the second time, Dragan Bakema and Maria Kraakman play the leading roles in a feature film by Sander Burger: in 2006 the acting couple already performed in his drama Olivier etc. The director and his actors jointly wrote the script for this realistic psychological thriller in which people - neighbours, acquaintances - on the surface may lead a pleasant life, but behind closed doors experience a different, darker reality. Real-life family dramas and the fierce media attention it attracts formed the basis of this script.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (2)

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