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Feature film, 2011, 94 min.

Mosaic film about loneliness and the impossibility to communicate. The story takes place in a day and a half and depicts four situations in a big city - in this case Rotterdam. A group of thirty-somethings has planned a day out together, but it is soon clear that the self-evidence of their initial love has vanished. An elderly couple, who struggle with their relationship and their autistic son, try to make a new start, but old mechanisms can't be easily dispelled. After a car accident, a slick guy is confronted with the emptiness of his life. And her mother; s euthanasia wish makes a woman see her own role as a teen daughter's mother in a new light. Pascale Simons' feature debut switches back and forth between the lives of people who, in different ways, try to cope with a universal and unfulfilled need. The lightness of the summer's day contrasts with the tragedy of their inability to make real, profound contact with the people they love.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

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