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Lijmen/Het been

Feature film, 2000, 110 min.

Lijmen/Het been is based on novels by Flemish author Willem Elsschot. Frans Laarmans has a miserable job at a brewery and desperately needs money for his mother's funeral. He approaches Boorman, President of the 'General World Periodical for Finance, Commerce, Arts and Sciences'. Laarmans soon discovers that this is a scam, and joins Boorman in is quest for new victims. They find an old factory producing kitchen elevators, run bij Miss Lauwereyssen who has a bad leg. Boorman cons Miss Lauwereyssen into ordering 100,000 copies. The disillusioned Miss Lauwereyssen is bled dry but bears her misfortune with dignity. Some years later, he and Boorman run into Miss Lauwreyssen, she has now lost her leg. The men feel guilty and decide to refund the money, but pricipled Miss Lauwereyssen refuses. Willeke van Ammelrooy was awarded a Golden Calf for her part as Miss Lauwereyssen in 2000.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf







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