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De wet op het kleinbedrijf

Series, 1998, 53 min.

De wet op het kleinbedrijf (Jacob's Desire) is a television adaptation of a short story by Jan Wolkers. It is the parable of the oddball Jacob Savijn who lives in a narrow-minded village. And about Wouter, a boy who is afraid of Mr Savijn, but is also intrigued by him.
As a child, Wouter catches Savijn out when he looks at the billowing washing on the line and masturbates. Savijn is dominated by his two dreadful sisters who make his disconsolate life even worse by continuously humiliating him.
Years later the adult Wouter meets Savijn again. Wouter paints and Savijn takes advantage of the opportunity to pose for him in the nude in the presence of Wouter's pretty girlfriend Ank, his hunchback friend Leendert and two naïve girls.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf




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