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Stella's oorlog - Stella's War

Feature film, 2009, 89 min.

Topical thriller about young and inexperienced soldiers on a peace mission to Uruzgan, and the aftermath of their assignment. Young mother Stella starts her private investigative war, when her husband Jurre returns from a peace mission in Afghanistan as a stranger and her brother Twan in a body bag. The mission is visualised in video messages that Jurre sends to his wife. The soldiers jest and crack jokes; they find things a little boring - until they hit a roadside bomb. The battalion returns home. But is the bomb really the cause of Twan's death? Stella initially believes the official version. She mourns her brother and tries to spare her husband, who has a blank look in his eyes and refuses all care. Then, while reviewing one of the video messages, Stella makes a discovery. The boys from the battalion parry all questions. A break-in in her caravan storage confirms her suspicion that there is something fishy about the case. Stella tells the story to her judges in flashbacks.

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