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Talking Guitars

Documentary, 2007, 73 min.

With a coy smile, master guitar craftsman and born Dutchman Flip Scipio listens to famous musicians explain he can handle any custom order. Experts claim he can even make driftwood sing. People talk in crescendo terms about him, but he is modesty itself. He once took up this work because he liked playing around with wood. When you watch him work with steam and mould, you understand the special sensation he says he has when feeling wood bend in his hands. 'Suddenly, your guitar is threedimensional instead of flat.' Paul Simon was so deeply impressed with the work-in-progress guitar that Scipio gave him to try out, that he forbade him to change anything. And it was Scipio who was called in to completely readjust one of Keith Richard's favourite guitars for the coming European tour. This documentary introduces several musicians who entrust their beloved instrument to him and demonstrate the guitars that Scipio built or revamped.

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