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De meiden van Chica Radio

Short documentary, 2011, 57 min.

In this personal documentary, Morales and Van Noppen follow three girls from Rotterdam who work together with Morales on Chica Radio, a show on FunX, a popular radio station among youngsters. Selaica, Joanne and Eva are intelligent ladies who have the gift of the gab, but all sorts of problems underlie this bravura. This also applied to Morales herself, who grew up with drug-addicted parents. She set up Chica Radio from the thought: ?What could have alleviated things when I was younger??
We follow the young women during editorial meetings, recordings and street interviews, and at home. They have reached a defining moment in life, and they talk about it with great candour. Of course with ?their? music, from Lady Gaga to Aisha and Flinke Namen, in the background. Morales? own story is addressed too. The informal mentor wants everything out in the open, because: ?The choices you make now - these girls may not realise this yet - can have repercussions for the rest of your life.?



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