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Deining - Making Waves

Single play, 2003, 91 min.

This instalment of a new series of six telefilms is a tragicomic film focussing on Alzheimer's disease. Making Waves is the story of Cella (Jacqueline Blom) and her 71-year-old mother Johanna (Kitty Courbois). Life smiles upon Cella. Happily divorced, having two children and a successful job as a presenter at a local station, for which she interviews people every morning who take the ferry across the IJ river. In her enthusiasm, Cella resembles her mother, once a celebrated violinist, but the similarity also causes friction between the two women. Just when Cella meets a new love, her father's sudden death puts her life on a different track. Johanna increasingly muddles past and present and brings back fragments of memories that point to a painful secret she carries on her back. Cella tries to dig up the truth.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf






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