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Feature film, 2000, 109 min.

Police thriller about the career-oriented young cop Eddy who becomes embroiled in a drugs case after an encounter with his old schoolfriend and crook Jack. Eddy is asked by the drugs squad to mediate in a meeting with Jack to use him as an informer and intercept the coke transports of the drug baron Haveman. Eddy wants to get on and Jack grasps the opportunity to start a new life as a young father. The police actions based on Jack's information keep going wrong, and the drugs gang is obviously aware that the cops are on their tail. Both the police and the crooks go looking for the leaks and Eddy is in danger of falling victim, along with his young wife Ria. The script is loosely based on the notorious IRT affair, the investigation about the Dutch police allowing drugs transports to slip through. In 2000, Lek won four Golden Calves: for Best Director and Best Scenario (both for Jean van de Velde), plus for Best Full-length Feature Film and Best Actor (Victor Löw).

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  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf (4)






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