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Van later zorg

Short documentary, 2009, 56 min.

Claire Pijman and her family decide to bring her aged mother Jeane from Tilburg to their Amsterdam home. A house down the street that has recently become available seems the ideal solution. But the filmmaker has to combine the care for her mother with her job and children. Because Jeane's health quickly deteriorates, Pijman can't cope anymore. She does not want her mother to end up in a nursing home, but realises this does not work either. While the camera registers the family's daily life, Pijman describes the state of things in the voice-over. In this personal film, we see her getting stressed and wrestling with moral dilemmas more and more. Is it selfish, for instance, if you don't want to have dinner with your mother every single night? Claire's sister Jeanette is worried - particularly about Claire: 'As it is now, I don't think you can manage much longer.' Claire tries to refute this: 'If there's no alternative, you simply manage.' Grief, feelings of guilt and an approaching farewell become extremely palpable.





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound editor

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