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Profiel - Karel van het Reve, vier kleinzonen vertellen

Short documentary, 2007, 35 min.

Four grandsons talk about their grandfather Karel van het Reve. Affectionately, Maarten and Jonathan van het Reve and Michiel and Jeroen Driessen describe a witty grandpa, who told jokes about crap and made the children straighten his bent finger by hitting it. With respect and pride and carefully choosing their words, they talk about his professional life as a shrewd observer of the world news, who walloped stupid ideas out of the world and frequently attacked opinio communis. For all four of them, grandpa is an example and a touchstone. Interview fragments are alternated with images of landscapes that Van het Reve loved, accompanied by excerpts from his work, and with pictures from the family album, also with brother Gerard. The grandsons do not understand either why he turned so vehemently against grandfather Karel. `Grandpa was mild and has forgiven his brother.'



Line producer

Cinematographer - DoP


Sound designer

Location sound recordist