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Mijn familie - Mijn vader maakt foto's

Short documentary, 1997, 30 min.

Personal portrait of Boy Pijman, the father of film-maker Marie-Claire Pijman. He was born in the Dutch East Indies, and went on to boarding school in Holland until he was seven. Then he returned to his country of birth. During World War Two, he spent three years in a Japanese POW camp. At home he never talked about this period in his life and if his children asked him about his experiences, he answered with: 'Sudah, never mind'. In this poetic film, Pijman tries to get her father to talk about that period. The script of My Father Takes Pictures during the scenario workshop of the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam in 1995.





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

TV - broadcast production company