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Feature film, 2012, 80 min.

Hemel grows up alone with her father, the charming auctioneer Gijs. She does not long to be a grown-up, but does not resist it either. She rather feels she is in a state 'in between'. Between childhood and adulthood, between dependent and dominant, between sex and love, between her previous one-night stand and the next. And between her feelings for her father, who has new girlfriends all the time, and her mother, who passed away when she was still young. Director Sacha Polak breaks up the story into chapters, always staying close to Hemel?s perception. Hemel uses sex as a weapon. She picks up boys in bars, using course language and voluptuous behaviour. Her game is occasionally border-crossing and dangerous. When Gijs finds the love of his life, Hemel has to take action to.

won prizes

  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf

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