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Who the f*ck is Dox?

Short documentary, 2011, 50 min.

In the Dutch hip-hop scene, Robert Coenen (1981), better known as Unorthadox, has been working on his career for years. However, the songwriter and rapper from Rotterdam became famous when he started a relationship with Anouk, the Dutch queen of rock.
Unorthadox gathers some final things from his apartment; he is definitively going to move in with Anouk in Amsterdam. There?s a baby on the way and they?ve both got shows scheduled. ?Dox? tells - in a fluid mix of slang and poetic phrases - about his life, his career and the love affair that started so romantically ten years ago: ?I was some kind of lanky street urchin back then?, he recalls. ?Suddenly, this blonde chick just enters the backstage. Secretly, everybody thought ?Wow, that?s her?, that mad tigress of Nobody?s Wife!?
Danny Stolker, close friends with Unorthadox, follows the artist for 18 months in a period when he is madly in love, but at the same time struggles with his lover?s celebrity.




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