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Vlees - Meat

Feature film, 2010, 85 min.

An old-fashioned butcher acts out his perverted sexual fantasies with his wife between the hanging cadavers. The filming shop girl also feels attracted by the butcher's erotic flattery. Although the merchandise gradually looks more and more repulsive, all characters eat the meat with relish. When after a festive night the butcher is found naked and murdered, a detective has to find the culprit.
Meat, nudity and explicit language are recurring elements in this absurdist and occasionally film noir-like low-budget production. As a result of speed reductions, quick editing and characters wielding their own small digital camera, the confusion grows about what is real and what is fantasy. For their fourth joint feature film, filmmakers Seyferth and Nieuwenhuijs again chose prominent stage actor Titus Muizelaar, for the double role of butcher and detective. Shop assistant Nellie Benner also appeared in one of their previous productions: Crepuscule.

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