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De muze

Feature film, 2007, 72 min.

An introverted young man has far-fetched ambitions with respect to a flaming authorship and ditto love life, but is confronted with a writer's block and a cold, alienating outside world in which the substitute object of his love, film star Monica Vitti, provides little solace. He makes the decision to place himself entirely in the service of fate. Fortunately, some self-mockery is not foreign to him.
In this precisely photographed, dialogueless film, the anonymous metropolitan environment is a character in itself. These urban landscapes, shot especially at night, make up a world that seems to be self-sufficient and the characters no longer have a grip on. De Muze was inspired by J.M. Coetzee's book Portrait of a Young Man and by Michelangelo Antonioni's work. The voice-over is derived from Coetzee's novel.





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