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Every Picture Tells a Story - Haar

Short documentary, 2007, 10 min.

In the beginning, a hair is stuck to the lens, dashing to and fro in the flickering projector light. Next, the camera zooms out from an extreme close-up of a drain full of hairs. But not all hairs disappear into the sewer or are stuck to the lens. Incorporating a few short, consecutive portraits, director Michiel Brongers tells us something about the role human hair plays in our culture. A researcher puts hair into a test tube and under a microscope. A young man who lost his hair at the age of eight poses in front of a mirror. He shows what his wig looks like, but he does not need it anymore: he has come to accept his baldness. During a baptismal ceremony filmed from above, wisps of hair are taken from the baby and its parents and, together with some wax, ritually rolled into little balls. A woman visits a grave and shows a few hairs she cut off from the deceased to keep as a memento. Part of Every Picture Tells a Story.





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