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Documentary, 2010, 90 min.

In 1974 and 1983, George Sluizer shot three documentaries on two Palestinian families in refugee camps. Now, at an advanced age and walking with crutches or seated in a wheelchair after an aneurysm, he revisits the families that adopted him like a son and takes stock with them. The hope for peace - or for a separate country - has never been flimsier. The large-scale conflict brought back to human proportions, by a man on a mission. 'Take a day off from your crusade and spend it to enjoy the country of Israel - you will love it', a Jew immigrant snarls at the filmmaker. The director immediately takes revenge visually, by contrasting this statement with a scene in which Palestinians are driven from hearth and home by a construction crew consisting of more soldiers than construction workers. Sluizer is furious: at responsible Zionist masterminds like Sharon, and at the rest of the world for continuously looking the other way.

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