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Feature film, 2005, 90 min.

Feature film début of director Van Eyck is a romantic comedy about sleeping around; that is, a plea in favour of individual freedom within a relationship. The story, on which Eddy Terstall collaborated as a co-scriptwriter, is set against the Terstallian background of a group of friends in sun-drenched Amsterdam. The film follows two narrative lines. On the one hand, you have Lex (Egbert Jan Weber), a young actor who has a crush on his new girlfriend Ankie. But Lex is having affairs with other women, too. These are platonic relationships, consummated now and then with `some petting above the waist', at the most. Nothing to lie about, Lex thinks. His friends and family strongly disagree. Especially the frustrated filmmaker Kim (Rifka Lodeizen), who after a foundered documentary is deceived by her boyfriend, to boot. Vengeful, she decides to make a film about sleeping around, featuring Lex as the ideal protagonist and victim to project her frustrations on. The moral of the story: Many people who pretend to be monogamous live in glass houses.


  • NL - Netherlands Film Festival Golden Calf





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