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EPTAS - Bidcatcher

Short documentary, 2007, 10 min.

The camera glides across engine parts, tyres and giant wheels. It is view day for an auction of farming machines. The auction dance starts when potential buyers inspect the machines on the terrain. Without a voice-over, the camera follows the Argus' eyes of the possible bidders by filming the engines from very close. During the bidding itself, the interested parties try to look as stoically as possible. In the description of the atmosphere, the location and setting of the big open auction hall are gradually revealed. Snippets of conversations about the qualities of the engines are heard. The auctioneer's hypnotising, stirring voice predominates. He tries to follow all bidders, time and again, until he utters the familiar closing call that everybody hopes applies to him, for exactly the right bid: '...wins them all.' Part of Every Picture Tells a Story.




Cinematographer - DoP (5)


Sound designer

Location sound recordist

Sound re-recording mixer 

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