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Cowboys in Kosovo

Short documentary, 2004, 25 min.

In communist Yugoslavia, modern American films were banned, but old-fashioned Hollywood westerns were endlessly repeated on television. In their childhood, four Kosovo friends used to play cowboy, like so many children everywhere - in a landscape that seems to come right out of a western. It was their dream to play in a real Wild West film once. Director Corinne van Egeraat examines what remains of that dream, now that they have experienced real fighting. One of the four friends fled to the Netherlands at the start of the war. Now he returns as an interviewer, bringing cowboy costumes for his friends. Van Egeraat films them while they play out scenes from famous westerns like The Magnificent Seven and Shane. Meanwhile, they talk about the war; one of them fought in the Kosovo Liberation Army UCK, two others escaped from torture in captivity.





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