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Lang Televisie Drama, 2006, 90 min.

Potato grower Jaap (Frank Lammers) runs his farm all by himself, to his satisfaction. His peaceful life is disrupted when his sister and her husband are murdered - a settlement within the criminal circuit of Amsterdam. It turns out that Jaap is the only remaining relative of his nephew Xander (Daniel Römer). He is asked to 'temporarily' take him under his charge. An inevitable clash of characters and culture ensues, but still a cautious relationship slowly develops. Meanwhile, Xander is sought by the criminal whose accountant Xander's father used to be. The boy appears to possess some essential data. The film, giving ample space to gorgeous shots of panoramic views and solitarily ploughing farmers, gradually works up to the climax: the annual Peteeto Ball in the farming community, concluded by an unexpected dénouement.





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