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Ik ben Willem

Lang Televisie Drama, 2002, 15 min.

Partly animated youth series in eight episodes is set in contemporary, hectic Amsterdam. Seen from the perspective of eight-year-old Willem, the spectator follows the adventures of an imaginative boy who occasionally thinks he is a werewolf. Sometimes, his world changes into a scenery of drawings or he sees people turn into scary monsters. Along with his sturdy elder brother Mick, Willem experiences lots of adventures.
In the episode Naar papa, for example, Willem and Mick fall out with a group of badgering kids. In the episode Oma de poma, their crazy grandma suddenly changes into a wolf. In another episode, Willem has to go to the school dentist, but precisely that day he has not brushed his teeth. And in De bes, Willem and his brother stop by the deadly dull old people's home where their aged grandma lives. Fortunately, Willem's imagination enlivens things.





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