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Toko Go

Short documentary, 2006, 18 min.

For 35 years, Mr. Go has been running at oko in The Hague. For many Indonesian people, this store with al its Indonesian specialties is a godsend, but Dutchmen also like to drop in. He sells everything: from prawn crackers and self-fried melinjo nut crackers to complete meals. A bag of bean sprouts costs less than ten cents and only at Christmas there is ayam kodok, stuffed chicken, which is prepared in the kitchen behind the shop. 'Order well ahead', a handwritten piece of cardboard reads that he has provisionally stuck to the ceiling.
While Mr. Go is working in his own pleasant tempo, the camera follows him in his activities. He is good-humoured and likes to chat with his customers. 'Optimism is something you should pass on', he says to one of them. When drawing up the bill, the total amount always turns out favourable. 'Just under twenty Euros', he says with contentment. On Saturdays, the closing time is flexible. Mr. Go likes to be considerate of his customers, who can certainly appreciate this.




Cinematographer - DoP


Sound designer

Location sound recordist

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