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Haagse klasse

Short documentary, 1998, 75 min.

The Schilderswijk district of The Hague is often associated with drugs, crime and poverty. And in the middle of the area is the Prinses Irene Primary School. There, children with baseball caps, dreadlocks, headscarves and 'mats in their neck' are prepared for the future. That work extends further than the playground. Infants who are not picked up go home with the teacher, who will also call a doctor when a child is ill. In Haagse klasse (World Class) a film crew follows the pupils and teachers of this school for two years. At school and at home. What is it like to grow up in Schilderswijk? What are the kids' chances? What is done to improve them? The results culminate in a 16-part document of our time about the future and hope. During the Festival, part one, two and three will be presented.





Cinematographer - DoP


Sound mixer

Location sound recordist

Production company