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Short documentary, 2010, 55 min.

The relationship between filmmaker Nadine Kuipers and her mother Wilma is complicated. Due to Wilma's drug addiction, they did not see each other for years. But today Wilma plays an important role in the documentary-maker's life: the daughter is always there for Wilma. And this, Kuipers realises, is getting harder and harder. Should she keep standing by her dependent mother, who could never be there for her daughter? And where has her own life gone?
In this deeply personal documentary, Kuipers captures a recent period from her life with her mother and also uses her camera as a diary to straighten out her thoughts. She films herself making countless phone conversations for her mother and she shows how she admonishes her mother - often in vain. Something has to change, the devoted daughter realises. But what? And what is her role in this? Ex-moeder continues where Kuipers' graduation film Moeders Mooiste (2004) ended.




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