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Nooit meer krassen

Documentary, 2003, 40 min.

In two times forty minutes, filmmaker Ireen van Ditshuyzen presents the sequel to her gripping documentary Krassen from 1992, which showed teenagers in the Laanzicht youth section of Psychiatric Institute Bloemendaal in The Hague. In Nooit meer krassen, three of them - John, Marissa and Jeanette - explain how they deal with their psychiatric past and in which things they find some hope for the future. All three of them independently feel that love is capable of more than medication or therapy. Unemphatically, Van Ditshuyzen presents the three life stories, at the same time providing a view of the mental health care climate in the Netherlands. The later interviews and shots are alternated with scenes from the first documentary, where Jeanette lies in an isolation cell, screaming she wants to die, and the young, sexually abused Marissa is unable to say the unspeakable.




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