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De verleiding - Mobieltje

Short documentary, 2008, 11 min.

Sunny holiday footage of the filmmaker and her boyfriend open this personal film. 'This is Victor and me six months ago', she comments in the voice-over. 'What has changed in the meantime? Not much. Apart form the fact that a nasty habit of mine has reared its head.' Marijn Frank is jealous and, she admits, extremely suspicious. She has the annoying inclination to search for dubious messages on her boyfriend's cell phone. While filming Victor when he is checking his text messages, she invariably asks him who sent them. What if she would secretly glance through his inbox? Or would that constitute an invasion of his privacy? Sometimes she muses in front of the camera, other times in the voice-over, or talking to her lover. Is she the only person having this problem? After some research, she decides it would not be necessary to check his SMS messages if everyone stuck to etiquette, or to SMS commands. For example, text messages should not contain dubious language and people should not send messages after bedtime. Using self-mockery, the filmmaker broaches a relational issue that is more universal than many people would be willing to admit.





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