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De brief voor de koning - The Letter for the King

Feature film, 2008, 108 min.

Coming-of-age adventure film, adapted from Tonke Dragt's book. The young Tiuri has to do one last test of competence before he will be knighted. But then a dying knight calls in his help to deliver a secret letter to the king of neighbouring country Unauwen. This mission takes Tiuri on a swirling journey, on horseback and foot, through changing landscapes and dangerous circumstances. He is accompanied by his guide Piak and receives help from all sorts of unexpected quarters.
They conquer all obstacles and manage to keep the letter from the vicious and sly customer Slupor and deliver it to the king, preserving both countries from a huge catastrophy. Meanwhile, Tiuri demonstrates he fully possesses the qualities that his king thinks a knight needs: honesty, loyalty, helpfulness and bravery.
In 1963, Tonke Dragt's book was proclaimed Best Youth Book of the Year and recently it was awarded the Griffel der Griffels as the Best Youth Book of the last fifty years.

won prizes

  • NL - NFF Golden Film (100,000 visitors feature film)

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