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Leven? of Theater? - Life? or Theatre?

Documentary, 2012, 85 min.

Leben? oder Theater? Ein Singespiel, Charlotte Salomon (1917-1943) entitled her autobiographical series of paintings consisting of over seven hundred pages, which she entrusted shortly before her deportation with the words: 'Look after this very well, it's my whole life!'
During the preparations for the feature film Charlotte (1981), the filmmakers received an unpublished letter from Charlotte?s stepmother, with the request not to use its contents in the film. In the letter, Charlotte describes how her magnum opus came about, and for the first time we get very close to the 'real' Charlotte. This documentary offers a fascinating portrait of the artist?s life. A posthumous disclosure sheds new light on the last period of her life. With a prominent role for Salomon?s poignant work.

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