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Het veerhuis

Short documentary, 2004, 59 min.

In the beginning of the film, we are almost casually told that in the more than three years that hospice Veerhuis now exists, some 180 patients have come and gone. Steef Meyknecht, who for research purposes worked at the Veerhuis for three years, filmed the daily life in the almost-home home for four years, where a maximum of four terminally ill patients spend their final days. The camera is present everywhere, albeit at an appropriate distance. For example, at the admission interview of Mr. Hollander, who already passes away the next day. And at the family visit to Hans, who has accepted his dead-end situation and seems to have things under control, but regularly bursts out in irrepressible crying fits. 'I don't feel abandoned, but my wife and I are not together,' he sobs. In a swiftly edited series of interview fragments, volunteers (there is a total of around 45) tell about their motivation to work at the Veerhuis. Volunteers for whom making sandwiches is just as much part of daily life as helping people to choose an urn.





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